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Turtle Trouble  Reviews

(ALL genuine. More on and Amazon UK)

“Turtle Trouble is an adorable read nurturing a wonderful message of love and caring for our planet and her inhabitants. Beautifully written and beautifully illustrated, this book had my three-year-old daughter fully engaged in the story and emotionally attached to the characters and their outcomes during the first read-through. Thanks for another adorable read, Mr. Stuart! Looking forward to the next book up your sleeve!”


Karen and little Luna from Missouri

Amazing book, with an amazing message!!!

Very beautiful artwork and clever well written tale done in a poetic form. My boys enjoyed reading this book very much. I am part of a huge ocean clean up team RECOVER, and I can tell you the most important part of our clean up efforts is educating our children about the horrible affects of floating plastic waste. This cute tale does this very thing. I recommend this book, and I hope all children get a chance to read this great tale.

Martha - Review

Great message
for our children!

My boys and I absolutely enjoyed this wonderful book. We have read it twice, per their request, in less than 36 hours. We have done a lot of beach clean ups, but this book has made them even more determined to keep the world around them clean and safe for every animal, and as my little one says..."and peoples too". Highly recommend to all parents.

Ishy - Review

Hear the Message!

Wonderful message for little ones and parents. Entertaining and educational .Beautifully presented.

Mary C McDonald - Amazon UK Review

Fantastic story for all ages!

Another AMAZING story and illustrations! Going to order 2 more for my sons schools as such an important message!
Thank you!

Lisa - Amazon UK Review

Great graphics, fab message.!

Fantastic storyline and message to give our young generation. The graphics are good and my little boy loves talking about the scenes. Would recommend this book.

Chris Butter - Amazon UK Review

Witches' Tea Party Reviews

"We thought the book was great and read it over and over again. The rhyming is very easy to read, it rolls off the tongue nicely. It has inspired my daughter to design some magical outfits! I would be very interested in purchasing a sequel if one is released."

Jamie Webb

"We bought this as a bedtime read for our little boy who will be 4 in June. He absolutely loved it and often requests it when we ask him what story he’d like at bedtime. It’s really well written and beautifully illustrated, definitely recommend this as it’s also fun for the grown ups to read."


"I bought this amazing book for my friend’s young children and they were utterly delighted! They thought it was funny, very colourful and a wonderful rhyming story. Thoroughly recommend it to anyone with young children!"

Paula Jane

"I am from the US and I bought this book for my grandchildren and it is such a wonderful read. My 5 year-old grandson was so captivated by the colorful illustrations, the fun rhymes, and the cute black cat (he loves cats), but what he really loved most of all were the crazy "witchy" dishes being served at the tea party. He giggled with delight as he cried out, "that's disgusting!" with every course ("disgusting" is one of his favorite words, the dishes are tasteful and cute and not at all overly grotesque). The book is so clever and different and there is such great attention to detail. It's not too short of a read and definitely not too long to bore a young child. I could not be happier with the purchase, it is just perfect! Great for Halloween or any time!"

Utah Librarian, Danielle

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